Saturday, March 31, 2007

The End !

Well, my Atlantis is now sold, awaiting collection from her new owner over the Easter holidays.
She will be heading to the North East of England, where I am sure she will enjoy her new life.

I am a little sad, to see her go, however my model boating days are now at an end, as I move on to pastures new in my modelling hobbies.

I would like offer my sincere thanks to Taylor Sparks in the USA for all his support and advice throught my build of the Robbe Atlantis.

Thank you so much Taylor ! :-)

Taylors web site is one of the few on the web that gave loads of information to Atlantis builders and owners, and certainly inspired me to make mine.

Check out Taylors fine web site here :

My web site link follows and is inspired by Taylors :

Thanks also to Colin Harris in the UK for his occasional assistance.

I do hope you have enjoyed this blog account of the build of my Robbe Atlantis, and that is has helped or inspired you with yours, along the way.

All that remains is to say , thank you for watching !

Take Care, Keep Safe, God Bless

Stevie B